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  • 24 Hours on - call Services 


  • Physician Services


  • Nursing Care


  • Certified Nursing Assistant/ Home Health Aid


  • Volunteer Support


  • Pain management

Levels of Care

Routine Home Care

  •         Symptom management and support provided by their primary care team to patients whose pain and symptoms can be managed in whatever place they call “home”

  •         Provided in private residences, group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities

Respite Care

  •         Up to 5 days of patient care provided in a facility setting to provide families with a rest from the 24/7 provision of care

  •         Goal of respite care is to allow the family to rest and recharge

Services are provided by a skilled interdisciplinary team of Divine Hospice to assist patients and families through the difficult journey of a terminal illness. Theses service are provided by Divine Hospice 

General In-Patient

  •         Care provided for patients with acute pain and/or symptom management needs that cannot be addressed therapeutically in the home setting

  •         Provides highly-skilled, short-term care to address the medical crisis and assist the patient in achieving comfort to return home

  •         Is a short-term solution to a crisis

Continuous Care

  •         When patients are in an acute crisis that requires frequent medical intervention wherever they reside. It requires a minimum of 8 hours of care in a 24 hour period (beginning and ending at midnight) with 51% of the care being provided by an RN or LPN.

  •         Provided in private residences, group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

  • Medical Equipment Supplies


  • Bereavement Counseling


  • Spiritual and Emotional Support


  • Social work services


  • Personal  care supplies


  • Medications Management​

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